Wednesday 1st 

Arrival at the CIARUS conference center, free evening.

Thursday 2nd


Opening Lecture: Frédéric Carrière – Exploring the surface of lipid droplets with lipases


Session 1 Composition and Imaging of Lipid Droplets and Oleosomes                        
Yann Gohon - Lipid droplet structural aspects: from molecules to organes, from yeasts to seeds


3 oral communications 15 x 3 min

10:20 coffee break


2 oral communications 15 x 2 min
Poster session flash-talks (1 slide 1 minute per poster presenter, lining in a row and one-after-the-other, to warm up the poster session) 

12:30 lunch, poster session


Session 2 Recovering Lipid Droplets and Oleosomes for industrial applications  
Sabine D'Andréa - A whole range of plant LDs: biology makes it possible


5 oral communications 15 x 5 min

16:10 coffee break, poster session

17:30 – 18:45

Special session ‘Oleosomes and ‘La Gastronomy Moléculaire’’ 
Thomas Vilgis

18:45 end of the session

20:00 Conference dinner (to be announced)

Friday 3rd


Session 3 Dynamic mobilization, hydrolysis, and digestion of Lipid Droplets and Oleosomes       Keynote
Rachid Thiam - Lipid Droplet Nucleation


4 oral communications 15 x 4 min

10:10 coffee break, poster session


5 oral communications 15 x 3 min

12:00 lunch, poster session


Session 4 Designer materials with Lipid Droplets and Oleosomes. 
Jacques Fattacciaoli - Design of sophisticated micro particles with vegetable oils as core components : Methods and applications


4 oral communications 15 x 3 min

14:55 coffee break, poster session


3 oral communications 15 x 3 min

16:05 Closing remarks, end of the meeting 16:15


About the speakers

Dr. Frédéric Carrière

Marseille, France

Dr. Yann Gohon

Versailles, France

As an assistant professor in BioPhysicoChemist he is interested in lipids and membrane proteins. His subject is the structural aspect of lipid droplets present in Arabidopsis thaliana’ seeds but he also uses saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model for expressing plant lipid droplet membrane proteins. After a PhD on amphiphilic polymer developed to study membrane proteins in detergent free aqueous solution at the Institute of Physico-Chemical-Biology (IBPC) in Paris, Yann Gohon joined Thierry Chardot’s team to study lipid droplets structural aspects. With tight collaboration with synchrotron SOLEIL he studied secondary structure of oleosins stabilizing lipid droplet proteins. Then, with SOLEIL, he and others, developed structural proteomics approach to determine water accessibility of oleosin protein in lipid droplets native environment extracted either for yeast or seeds. Recently, a new beamline Anatomix at SOLEIL gave the opportunity to perform 3D structural studies on intact seeds, without any labelling with a pixel resolution of 0.325 µm. This new setting gives the opportunity acquire structural information on storage organites (Protein Storage Vacuole and lipid droplets) on various Arabidopsis seeds’mutants.

Dr. Sabine d’Andréa

Versailles, France

Sabine D’Andrea is currently assistant professor in biochemistry at the Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food & Environmental Sciences (AgroParisTech). She has conducted research on lipid metabolism on issues related to human health, including phosphoinositide signalling and fatty acid metabolism, before joining the DYSCOL team directed by Thierry Chardot to study seed oleosomes. In 2011, she joined the Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin in Versailles to develop research on the biology of lipid droplets in seeds and is now recognized for her publications on lipid droplet dynamics.

Dr. Rachid Thiam

Paris, France

Dr. Jacques Fattaciolli

Paris, France

Jacques Fattaccioli works at the Chemistry Department of Ecole Normale Supérieure (UMR PASTEUR) and the Institut Pierre-Gilles de Gennes (Paris). Trained as a physical chemist, with a strong interest in biology, his research focuses on methodological developments for immunology, plant biology, and bacteriology. A large part of his research is dedicated to the design of particulate materials from raw and bio-sourced products.