Organising committee

Dr. Hubert Schaller

Research director, IBMP-CNRS

Dr. Hubert Schaller is at the Institut de Biologie Moléculaire des Plantes in Strasbourg (‘Plant Isoprenoid Biology’ group). His research program is centered on deciphering the biosynthesis, function and cellular homeostasis of essential isoprenoids like sterols, steroids, terpenoid hormones.  The current specific approach on lipid droplet biology is linked to the oil storage in non-seed organs, in model and crop plants. Funding of the program is provided by CNRS (international cooperation action with UFPA, Amazonia, Brazil), Région Grand-Est (Biomatériaux-Biomolécules-Bioéconomie Régionale), and research contracts (industry).

Dr. Costas Nikiforidis

Assistant Professor, Biobased Chemistry and Technology, Wageningen University & Research

Dr. Costas Nikiforidis, has a background in Chemistry and a PhD on Chemistry and Physical Chemistry of Foods. He is currently Assistant Professor at the Biobased Chemistry and Technology Group at Wageningen University with a focus on “Bioderived and Bioinspired Functional Materials”.  His research involves fundamental understanding of the interactions in natural functional complexes in order to use them as such or mimic them. The properties of oil bodies/oleosomes is his main focus.

Dr. David Gray

Associate Professor, School of Bioscience, Nottingham University

Dr. David Gray’s research is summarised as follows: ‘A Biomaterials Approach to Sustainable Nutrition and Ingredients’; much of this work involves characterising the properties of selected lipid-rich organelles ex-vivo. For a number of years he, and his group, have established certain physico-chemical and properties of oil bodies/oleosomes from a range of seeds. Funding for this work has included BBSRC, EPSRC and collaborations with industry through LINK-type projects.

Dr. Gustav Waschatko

COO of Time Traveling Milkman

Dr. Gustav Waschatko received his Diploma in Biomedical Chemistry from the University of Mainz in 2009, followed by a PhD on “Oil Bodies – natural emulsifiers and their behavior at food relevant interfaces” at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (2013). After Postdocs with MPIP, AMOLF (Amsterdam) and Unilever R&D, he joined Cargill as “Oil Seed and Lipid Research Scientist” to perform ingredient research and product development at the Cargill R&D Centre Europe (Vilvoorde, Belgium). June 2021 he was appointed COO of the WUR spin-off "Time traveling milkman" to assist the commercialization and upscaling of oleosomes for dairy alternatives. 

Dr. Thierry Chardot

Research director, INRA-AgroParisTech

Dr. Thierry Chardot is in charge of the “Dynamic and Structure of Lipid Droplets” team at INRA Versailles (France). We are internationally recognized for our expertise in the purification and characterization of lipid droplets (LDs) from plants and microorganisms. Our main objective is to increase the knowledge of LD biology (structure, organization, function and dynamics). We use a wide range of techniques and developp tools to explore LDs dynamics (microscopies, specific antibodies, lipid analysis, proteomics…), identify associated proteins during life cycle (proteomics…) and understand their function and structure (protein solubilisation, dynamic light scattering, spectroscopies, structural proteomics, …)

Dr. Jason Hargreaves

R&D Manager, Botaneco

Dr. Jason Hargreaves has a background in Chemistry (MSci, Nottingham 2005) and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of York in 2009. After Postdocs with Institut Pasteur and University of Calgary, he joined Botaneco as a Process Development Scientist in 2015 and now oversees all oleosome extraction and product development activities in Botaneco’s R&D group.